Carrier Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Cost Audit

At Axiom, we approach our audits with data intensity.  Most firms simply target the low hanging fruit by looking at a bill and contract, but we go above and beyond through the use of our internal audit engine AXiS™, using our financially proven roadmap to technology savings.

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Revenue Assurance

Revenue verification is so crucial to Customer growth.  We focus on QOI, Quote to Order to Invoice.   Through this process we identify Unbilled and Underbilled services to allow Service providers to invoice the maximum amount based on their Customer's contracts.  We will then provide a path to improve the quality of contracts T&Cs and the rates that drive long-term revenue.

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Benchmarking enables you to compare your rates, terms, and conditions against the best available for similar spend in for you buying power.   But where can you find this information? Our Carrier/Provider wholesale data sets and market expertise allows up to understand what your buying power is in the Carrier market.

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We create or build upon your existing inventory by identifying and correlating key data inputs to include: Ordering, ASRs, Revenue, and Cost Invoice.  This provides your organization with matching logic, and the associated value results.  In addition, we provide the roadmap and logic documentation for future exceptions.

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Project Management

Our project management team knows how to get things done.  We can manage all your telecommunication projects to manage risk, delivering all the functionality defined in the scope of work, and ensure they are implemented on-time and on-budget.

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