TEM Solutions

Outsource Technology Management

Telecom expenses add up quickly.  Far too many companies lack the time and resources needed examine invoices carefully.  Our outsource solution helps your company achieve optimal network costs.

Axiom’s experienced team of experts can help you get a firm grasp on how your telecom works, how much it should cost, and its potential for growth.  As experts in this field, we are well-positioned to stand up for your organization’s needs every step of the way.

Invoice Management

Payment workflow, GL Allocation, Missing Invoices

Order Changes

Validate installs, disconnects, & change orders

Dispute Management

Run monthly audits, Reconciling credits, manage claim aging

Reporting & Analytics

Collect & aggregate data over time, identify potential for cost savings

Outsourcing your telecom management to Axiom starts with simple steps, like processing and auditing invoices line by line.  If these kinds of audits have not been occurring in your business recently, you may be surprised to find how much is saved through this type of invoice review.

Our team can also help you with time-consuming tasks such as ordering new services, managing inventory, and preparing and executing carrier disputes.  By directing this detailed work to Axiom, you get the peace-of-mind of knowing that the telecom side of your business is in the hands of experienced industry professionals.