TEM Solutions

Strategic Consulting

Bring Your Own Software (BYOS), or utilize the AXiS™ engine to manage your technology expense

Strategic Audit

At Axiom, we approach our audits with data intensity.  Most firms simply target the low hanging fruit by looking at a bill and contract, but we go above and beyond through the use of our internal audit engine AXiS™, using our financially proven roadmap to technology savings.

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Sourcing is the area within Technology Expense Management that yields the greatest potential return.  We offer visibility into markets from Small Businesses to Fortune 1000 Companies.  Axiom team members have direct experience in working for telecom carriers, so we understand the true cost of connected services, we therefore have distinct understanding of inter-carrier networks and their cost basis.  In addition, we also offer benchmarking for DIY negotiation to 1st chair negotiation after RFP creation.

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Site Survey

Conducting an effective site visit relies on an expert team.  Axiom’s team members bring impressive technical network experience and deep telecom invoice billing background to every project.  

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Gaining an accurate picture of your physical and virtual assets is key to identifying cost savings, optimizing your network’s performance and security, and managing its expansion or migration.  Starting with information from your Customer Service Records (CSRs) and any existing inventory data, we use our proprietary scripts to perform more than 30 different matching criteria, correlating invoices with inventory, identifying any data gaps along the way.

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Network Implementation

The last thing you need is a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to connectivity.  We perform a network health evaluation to determine your organizational needs.  It’s possible that your old MPLS and 4G networks may migrate to SD-WAN, SIP, Ethernet, VPN and 5G.  In any case, we use the results of our network health evaluation to recommend the network solution that addresses your organization’s needs and takes into account the unique way your business operates.

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Project Management

Our project management team knows how to get things done.  We can manage all of your telecommunication projects to minimize risk, ensure delivery of all the functionality called out in the scope of work, and ensure they are implemented on-time and on-budget.

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