TEM Solutions


Gaining an accurate picture of your physical and virtual assets is key to identifying cost savings, optimizing your network’s performance and security, and managing its expansion or migration.  Starting with information from your Customer Service Records (CSRs) and any existing inventory data, we use our proprietary scripts to perform more than 30 different criteria to match invoices to inventory to identify any inventory gaps.

Components of our inventory build process include

Data Gathering

Client questionnaire and baseline inventory
Customer Service Records/ 2-3 Months of Invoices
Vendor Portal Credentials
Inventory Locations/Configuration

Inventory Build

Analyze baseline data
Extract invoice details
Work with vendors to obtain missing items
Assign key values to TEM management software

Quality Assurance

Identify closed locations/unknown addresses
Use 3-way data verification on client data
Verify vendor portals
Flag areas for closer examination


Identify changes in billed services
Verify new account charges and points of service
Evaluate variances in billed amounts
Provide detailed reports using TEM software

Having one complete database of your telecom equipment and software, as well as a validated record of your company’s MACDs (Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletions), will help your company operate more efficiently, make better purchasing decisions, and save money.

If you have a complex network that includes multiple locations with the need to add, change or disconnect lines frequently, contracting with Axiom for continuing TEM services makes sense.  Our auditors will continue to check your invoices regularly to be sure you’re not overspending and resolve any exceptions quickly.  Many of our clients find that the savings we find for them through an ongoing audit more than pays for this service.