Carrier Solutions


The Critical Role of Benchmarking in Carrier Cost management

Benchmarking enables you to compare your rates, terms, and conditions against the best available for similar spend in for you buying power.  But can you find this information?  Our Carrier/Provider wholesale data sets and market expertise allows up to understand what your buying power is in the Carrier market.

Our benchmarking solution provides key information on the competitive Offnet Provider pricing is difficult and connecting to Provider networks is complex.  We compare incumbent carriers versus alternate providers of SIP, Switched and Dedicated Ethernet, Dark Fiber, Optical Wave, Collocation, etc.

Offnet Provider pricing is difficult and connecting Provider networks is complex.  We are in a unique, rapidly-changing market.  The introduction of IP-based services is creating new opportunities for competitive pricing as customers move to services such as SIP and SD-WAN.  Our knowledge of Carrier-to-Carrier contracted ethernet-based services that support your network, provide us a unique insight into the competitive pricing and alternate vendors in the marketplace.

Most Providers do not have full visibility into all regions or markets relative to pricing, terms, and conditions of all product sets.  As part of a comprehensive contracts review process, benchmarking helps ensure that you need what you buy, buy what you need, and pay what you should.  Only benchmarking answers the question of how to define success in contract negotiation.