TEM Solutions

Managed Services

Bring Your Own Software (BYOS), or utilize the AXiS™ engine to manage your technology expense

Outsource Technology Management

Telecom expenses add up quickly.  Far too many companies lack the time and resources needed examine invoices carefully.  Our outsource solution helps your company achieve optimal network costs.

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Mobile Lifecycle Management

The mobile revolution happened virtually overnight– with immediate implications for business.  In fact, it’s nearly impossible to imagine running a company today without the convenience and value that mobile devices offer– yet managing your wireless demands can be complex, time-consuming and expensive.

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Contract & Inventory Management

Developing and maintaining a centralized repository for all your vendor contracts is key to identifying cost savings.  

Our experienced contract management team organizes documents & amendments that subtend the master agreement, giving our clients a clean, simple view into their contract hierarchies.   We catalog each document's attributes including: terms & conditions, waivers, revenue commitments, contracted rates, etc.

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Technology Service Inventory

Business acquisitions, personnel changes, and other developments can make tracking your company’s technology services even more challenging.  Expenses frequently accumulate unnoticed, wasting tens of thousands of dollars every year.

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Staff Augmentation

Axiom offers both staff augmentation services as well as outsourced telecom management.  While these services provide many of the same benefits, they are delivered in different ways.  With staff augmentation, we’ll be working for you, dealing with the daily workload and reporting to your management staff.

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