Carrier Solutions

Strategic Cost Audit

Axiom started out auditing paper invoices for Wholesale carriers and evolved as the industry has transitioned to ever more detailed billing formats (EDI, SECAB, CABS, etc.).  Axiom has kept pace with the advancements made in the telephony industry from basic POTS lines to complex Ethernet arrangements.


Our skilled audit team has complied logic for over 200+ audits which have been incorporated into our AXiS ™ engine which delivers proven results.  Our engine works in combination with invoice data from various billing formats, as well as any software platform our clients may utilize, by parsing out the intricate details from the CSR to identify savings opportunities.  We are well versed in isolating key information from the FID data embedded within the CABS invoices and have numerous audits focused on this often overlooked data set.  For additional savings opportunities, AXiS™ can incorporate ASR, DLR, and inventory data feeds into our audit logic algorithms for more complex audit results.

We review paper and query electronic-loaded telecom invoice data and run a series of audits designed to identify disputes and optimizations related to:


Validate rates off-contract or tariff.


The amount of billed services received based on order and provisioning data.


Should a feature be billing or not due to a disconnect?

This data-intense approach will determine the Rate, Quantity and Existence (RQE) of every service across your telecom estate.  Are the features you’re paying for actually installed? How much of each are you using? What are they costing you?

Our dedication to the reconciliation and negotiation process is unmatched.  We have negotiated multi-million dollar settlements and are proud of a win rate on disputes that consistently exceeds 70%.  Because a dispute is only as good as the position you present, we create and manage dispute packages from initiation to successful resolution.

  • Describe the dispute including the reason for the billing error with tariff or contract references.
  • Upload the dispute into the portal or applications
  • File claims with vendors, confirm acceptance and manage vendor responses
  • Submit rebuttals of claim denials and document credit confirmations
  • Submit true-ups or gap claims

We Guarantee a Return on Investment

Our team of technology auditors has a unique blend of experience with older and newly emerging technologies, putting Axiom at the leading-edge of the Carrier market.  By approaching each audit with the trifecta ideology of RQE–Rate, Quantity, and Existence– we guarantee savings on your technology invoices.