Carrier Solutions

Revenue Assurance


With over 20+ years of Telco industry experience, we provide revenue assurance services customized on our client’s direct needs.  Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Inventory to Invoice
  • Quote to Order to Invoice
  • Contract to Invoice
  • Contracts/T&Cs – Min/Max, Rates.
  • Inventory Service Components
  • Unbilled Service Components
  • Service Component Disconnects
  • Bill Correction

Savings since inception:

Market Based Revenue Pricing Audits – $57M

Backstop Revenue assurance audits – $132M

Network Expense Shelf Life Reduction – $108M


Inventory to Invoice

Review inventory for components supporting customer services to ensure items are being invoices to customers correctly.

Quote to Order

Review customer quotes to the order to ensure there is no revenue leakage.

Contract to Invoice

Review customer contracts to ensure services are billing correct contracted rates, working directly with billing teams to correct any issues.

We Guarantee a Return on Investment

Our team of technology auditors has a unique blend of experience with older and newly emerging technologies, putting Axiom at the leading-edge of the Carrier market.  By approaching each audit with the trifecta ideology of RQE–Rate, Quantity, and Existence– we guarantee savings on your technology invoices.