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Mobile Lifecycle Management

Full Mobile Lifecycle Management

The mobile revolution happened virtually overnight– with immediate implications for business.  In fact, it’s nearly impossible to imagine running a company today without the convenience and value that mobile devices offer– yet managing your wireless demands can be complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Axiom will manage any and all elements of the mobile lifecycle: Ordering, Help Desk, Inventory, Cost

Selecting a plan with the right amount of voice, text and data for your needs is the foundation for managing your wireless assets.  Does your network have enough capacity to support all the functions of your business?  Are you paying for bandwidth you don’t need and that is not being used? Zeroing in on a plan that is exactly right for your needs takes an experienced team like Axiom’s.  We can help you identify opportunities to:

  • Strengthen your wireless network security with two-factor authentication (2FA), the current industry standard for wireless security.
  • Share data among Corporate Responsibility Users (CRUs) with pooled vs. unlimited wireless data access, allowing light and heavy users balance each other out.
  • Leverage your buying power for increased savings by identifying strategic sourcing opportunities.
  • Analyze invoices to identify opportunities for contractual discounts & more competitive equipment pricing.Whether that means adjusting the size of your plan or finding a new carrier altogether, we work with you to arrive at the right decisions through every billing cycle.
  • Integrate solutions to support your inside team, including software to track help desk issues and assist in troubleshooting common telecommunications issues.
Chances are your teams are not prepared to deal with headaches while using mobile devices in the field.  They just want their phones and tablets to work when they need them.  Working with Axiom’s team of experts takes the mystery out of the process and helps you gain control over your wireless program and its costs.