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Site Survey


Conducting Site Surveys are critical to revalidating your inventory, with added benefits when performed in conjunction with a strategic audit.  Often, a physical visit locates services that are no longer active, but were added to inventory from the invoice.  In addition to locating inactive services, we identify network optimizations or unused capacity to reduce your technology costs.  Our on-site surveys always includes both a telco engineer and a senior technology analyst to maximize value.

Industry statistic breakdown of savings categories


Identifying the optimal locations for site audits is key to achieving maximum savings.  There are many factors to consider such as spend, count of services, types of services, and geographic location.  Once a site list has been identified, our analysts compile all available data:

  • Collect legacy site information
  • Evaluate Customer Service Records (CSRs)
  • Vendor portal reporting
  • Identify network service targets


While on site, our engineers perform non-intrusive testing using pre-approved equipment to ensure there is zero disruption of service for our clients.  Our team cross-references the compiled data from the pre-site phase with the results of on-site testing to identify savings potential, validating the existence of billed services and features.  By tagging and diagramming racks, equipment, connections and services, our clients receive a clear picture of their network.

  • Compile rack/port data to trace, tag, and test physical Points of Service.
  • Utilize CSR Data to identify features/configuration.
  • Reconcile physical and digital inventory.
  • Identify, create, order, and resolve savings opportunities through fruition.

Post Site

After the site survey has been conducted, we perform a second level analysis where we breakdown the results to uncover additional savings and provide our recommendations:

  • Network Provisioning Recommendations
  • Develop MACD Orders
  • Invoice Validation

We recommend doing a site survey every two years.  From validating existing inventory to reconciling every MACD, our team works diligently throughout the process to improve your understanding of your telecom assets, locating cost reductions, and maximize savings.